domingo, 1 de julho de 2018

Road to Evol - Last Disclosure

Through days and nights the Evol wordlessly perched,
While muted and awry and scorned he lingered.
This story could have ended here. Maybe it should have.
But Earth kept spinning and time did its ticking
And wounds were healed, and feelings were abided.
Some. Despite. Lots were now dissimilar.
After all, dreams were seen crushed and goals came dusted.
Before such likely end, regeneration took its token,
As the unexpected rebounded.
And so, at the seventh year, back was he summoned.
He then silently gazed at the last Evol,
More alluring and bewitching than ever
He knew it would hurt him again,
And many could be heard “Boy, nothing was what you learnt!”
While fairly agreeing, he innerly rather deviated
For a twisted feeling of longing and affection had led him back
That Evol would have him burnt and yet, he would not object.
After all, that was the Evol he cared: a wonderful being,
As lost as he was in the beginning.
He quietly stared while the Evol shaped its speech
“Hurt me it said. Do not let me take you for granted, it add”
“Give me insecurity, give me perilous and uncertain grounds”
“Give me bits to nourish and you’ll have my roots, my leafs and my woods”.
He might have replied with a very worn out smile,
As he finally understood how Evols feelings were measured by pain.
With a sad certitude he realized how such story could never last.
And he kept contemplating the love of a lifetime,
A love ready to be tossed into past, without limelight nor grave
And while his heart was put on hold before the stroke of an unbearable wave,
Such defying odds were cast, once again, against thy gods
And he delivered himself into a second dance,
Made of fire and wind, gambling for a merge.
But obviously without any chance.
For all in just a glance were redeemed vain, defective or just amiss.
Then again, adrift, he was sent.
With a new deal of pain as gain but yet without resent.
Also without regrets.
He did carried brief memories and some meaningless words
Those kind of words that are never to be said:

“Open all my scars, take my dignity and tell me to go away,
Paint me as mean and unworthy as you want,
Imagine that it’s better without me,
Pretend that this is the best for us and move on as you please.
And while you ignite my despair and this awfull longing,
While you open all my scars and leave me naked and wounded,
Notice than even if wrongly, I realized how much I did care for you
How much your happiness is utterly important for me,
No matter what or with who.
So exclude me, send me into exile, send us into oblivion
Send everything we could be into nothingness
And lit a fire with my passion and dance amidst my ashes,
And cast doubt and distrust in everything I ever said,
And even as an unwanted closure for our last chapter,
At its very end, my beloved evol, you’ll be always read
- Thank you, For I will always care for you!"

quarta-feira, 5 de outubro de 2011

SCF logo

Ainda não perdi o jeitinho no Corel xD

terça-feira, 12 de abril de 2011


As guillotines the shutters fell
forging a spell, cast against the day.
Where a new stage emerged. Relatively not, well, rare.
but certainly indifferent to those affairs of right or wrong,
or fair or unfair.

The smoke softly levitates through spirals
deviating in disorder when reaching a curtain of white.
What a sight. Those cyclic, yet distorted, finals.
Lying in the floor, I remained staring without haste,
that white ceiling, yet morbidly in feast.

Right after, I sip two more quaffles of wine
and voluntarily I let my senses get drunk.
Welcome Prank. Where fairies and beasts embrace, amidst smoke arcs.
In a glance, I even smiled, while in the dark mist.
After all, there's more to sip in the night of the escapist.

domingo, 13 de março de 2011

Road to Evol

At some vague dawn, there was a new start
Within a strange road of sand, stone and grey earth
Step further, step closer,
Walked a little boy, of a starving kind
(A meager pawn)

But yet, somehow he managed to find and carve his hands
Around a very uncommon tree
An Evol one, far as he could see
He noticed her fruits,
The so long waited results of his seek
And asked her if she would feed him
But she avoided him and said:
“What’s’ this? Such a little boy!
You’re far too young and ugly for my fruits ya know?!”
The boy turned sad but kept his march
At the rear, the Evol tree,
In spite of the harsh words
Fell so attached to him
“Enjoy you’re lucky morning little boy,
My fruits were poisoned and it’s safer this way,
Cause you shall not wither like this pale shade”

Step on step he quietly stalked through the road
But there was no such thing as an end.
Yet, another Evol tree he found!
She smiled to him
And he felt joy while staring at such beauty green
“Boy, I’ll let you taste me, but I won’t let you eat!”
“But, why pretty Evol, I’m so faint, almost like ready to fade away”
“Because I’m the greedy kind, a whore amongst the others,
And I shall not let you bite what I reserved for so many others.
Go away now little boy!”
And so that morning went late
And swiftly, the afternoon claimed the rights of fate.
Wandering, the little boy prayed
His inside was yelling, hurting him
And his mouth was now dry but even so,
Hope and resolve, somewhere lingered on.

Another tree at the horizon he discerned
Her beauty was far unexpected
And to reach her, he vigorously ran.
“Please! Will you feed me, my promised Evol?”
To awake once more, she mumbled
“Heaven, what do we have here? What a funny little boy!
How can I not love you?”
His heart glittered
And in brief moments he burned in such warm
Although, each single step further, he only got harm.
“I’m in love with you little boy, but please notice,
I already belong to another one… you shall not touch me, as I am the forbidden one”
Astonished he fell and the afternoon kept moving
While he was getting weak… so thin, so pale, I bet that even sick.
Afar, the third Evol yet mumbled: “You little fool, if you had fight for me,
I would have feed you for so many years”.

Heavy, sad and wounded
Yet, he kept the march straight
Until his knees, hundreds of steps ahead, finally admitted defeat
However he forced himself to believe and regained some of his lost faith
While watching two more Evol trees
Standing near, would any make him free?
He picked the first and pledge for some fruit.
“Such a pretty boy you are… I can clearly see through your starve and thirst,
I’m even tempted to give you some!”
But he did not smile this time, as he were far concerned
With the word lying beneath: threat!
“Smart, too smart you are and that I did not expect,
I am in fact, a hallucinogenic type!
I eagerly would had consumed you’re nerves,
Burning you in lies and illusions
Until your head turned mad!”

All what he had left, was to give one short attempt to the next.
And finally, after long holding his breath he asked:
“Oh gentle Evol, your leafs are golden and your charm overwhelms me,
But please tell me which kind you belong”
“For you little boy I have such good news,
I’m the type that never will let you go or stand frozen anymore”
“Will you feed me then?”
“No, little boy, I shall not feed you… but I’ll let you convince me”
“So, if I try harder, will I reach you?”
“No, little boy, that’s impossible and it will always be!”
He dropped his eyes and sustained the bitterness for a while…
“Evol, you were so lively and joyful, and now you’re showing all that awful crap,
But, you see, I’m not your toy and I’ll say NO to such warp!”
The other Evol laughed… “Silly little boy, will you not ask her again about her nature?”
“No, I do not need such lecture as I can see how rotten she is,
I couldn’t possible dream about any further future along with someone like this.”

He cried while following the road once more
He felt alone, sad and lost but one thing he resolved,
“Under this beautiful sunset I shall run ‘till consume my final strength!”
His legs tried hard and he moved more than a mile,
But eventually he fell straight to the soil…
He knew well who were standing close
And without his breath he mumbled at his best:
“Hello to you, one more Evol, I guess I just found you a bit late,
Unless you can feed me, but I really doubt you will.
I even bet that you’ll leave me, letting me lie beneath,
Just starving to death”.
“Hello young man, perhaps you see further too more,
But I’m the untouchable kind alright”
“I know you are, and that’s what it makes all my body shivers like this.
Some said that I’m clumsy, bashful, ugly, bad, sick, unworthy and even forever unwanted,
But I deeply would care if you just witness in me more than that.”

The Evol nothing said
And the night smoothly rouses instead
There were stars lighten the horizon
And the road seemed to go on ceaselessly
But without more Evols around,
They both couldn’t enlighten a single thought
His belly was hurting vast
But we all know well the kind of cast
Below that Evol, the little boy were almost falling asleep
In spite of his efforts nothing yet she had spoken
Bond to the ground he turned his head down
And observed, lost in his stare
How he were a clown for believing in such things
The world isn’t fair and what you seek is rare but this he knew well
And even so, he mumbled once more:
“I barely can hide this acerbic mood anymore. Evol, that constantly wanders on the moon,
Will you really let me wither here so soon?”

sábado, 5 de março de 2011

Esboço "I wish I've not been yours"

I know well those saids
happy ends and charming aids

they tell you how to be
but at your back they sell you for free.

Sudden you see how rotten the world are
you realize how meaningless words are

and in need you ll seek an old lie
I did it when I had to say you a silent "goodbye"

Poor you, now that you are awake
and sick for having blindly trusted your sake.

but now its too late to paint together this grey world
I really wanted a more multicolour sight
but you just let me be in pale blue as the sorrow night
while you were building your own tomorrow

where I could not take a place, nor a chance
and so I had more grief to borrow
after your brief wanting me, for such a life dance

I know that you are an hypocrite
but so am I in a lot of shit

Im no saint, I admit
Im just a prayer in faint

as I wish to have born in a safer place
instead of amongst this greedy bastards
I wish that those crapie craps come true
but I just recognize middle age retards

and old bats and ego youths
where love just has one face and self
I wish to be an human,
not such an elf in the middle of inhumans

I really wish i could have born in a distant go go
instead of this foe present similar to the very far ago
if you've at least been able to discard all the selfishness
if you only had given me the right card to get this started.

sábado, 15 de janeiro de 2011

All About Nursery

"To bed, to bed," says Sleepy-Head;
"Let's stay awhile there," says Slow;
But one was greedy and the other was flow,
And in Rouge Versailles they did their show.

"Bad, bad" people innerly said
but "chaste" and "humble" they loudly yelled
cause no one can fuck up with the 13th head
Unless they fuck in his royal bed.

domingo, 28 de novembro de 2010

Quote by C.C.

The hate of men will pass, and dictators die, and the power they took from the people will return to the people.
And so long as men die, liberty will never perish

Charlie Chaplin